juliet Carina

Juliet Carina is now setting U.K. music world alight with her new single “Psycho But Ya Love It”, but she has already made quite a name for herself back home in the U.S. For the last two years, Juliet has been asked to perform during Grammy week at the prestigious ‘Soiree’ event. Each year a living legend is honored, most recently Dionne Warwick, at the legendary B.B. Kings in New York. While still in Los Angeles Juliet also performed at the famous El Ray Theater along with David Hasselhoff in front of thousands of Grammy voting members, winners and other professionals to cheer her on. For Juliet to be asked to perform at these prestigious events is quite an accolade and a testament to this young artist’s talent.

Juliet Carina’s new single, “Psycho But Ya Love It” is out now worldwide by PLAY & Oracle Records Ltd. Produced by Niko The Kid with additional vocal production by Cindy Valentine. The Remix version was arranged by the Italian producers Giampaolo Pasquile and Michele Garruti. It has been a dream collaboration for Juliet – as she says herself: “ this collaboration was the brainchild of Cindy Valentine but while in studio working with her, I kept whispering something that sounded like Psycho and we were laughing at how crazy we both are when we work together that we thought why not. Niko the kid, came next and while in LA with him, the laughs kept coming and that’s when Cindy decided we needed an Indian chant so, she jumped on the mic and was possessed by a past life. For the Bridge I channeled my nasty alter ego and was petrified but encouraged to go for it “

It is strange how such creativity can be born of simply having a great, fun, time with people you enjoy being with but it’s a method that clearly works for Juliet Carina as the track turned out perfectly: “…I had so much fun with this project that I really hope people love it as much as I do!”

Juliet Carina

Juliet Carina

Juliet Carina, is a singer/songwriter born in Brooklyn, N.Y. and from a diverse background. Her mother is of Italian descent and her father is Chinese. With that dynamic combo, you can’t help but see that Juliet’s look is unique with the best of both worlds. But above all – she has talent and ambition aplenty.